We heard your feedback! Build pages (Spells, Abilities, and Equipment pages) are expanding to allow for greater customization in optimizing your characters. With the New Horizons update (1.76), every adventurer will automatically receive 10 free pages on their account. Meanwhile, the maximum number of pages you can have will increase to 25!

To go along with the New Horizons update and its array of new features, including dungeons 2.0, we're giving all adventurers the option to set up a build for their characters, each build corresponding to a gameplay category. With the maximum number of build pages increased to 25, you'll now be able to vary your gameplay in multiple categories.

Introducing Level Adjustment

The level adjustment feature becomes available to characters starting at level 51. It lets you manually lower (adjust) your character's level so it will match the level of the game content you want to do.

Adjusting your character's level has a number of benefits: more consistent difficulty, better experience and loot, access to competitive mode, the ability to play at the same level as your newbie friends, and more.

The level adjustment system can be accessed in-game using the O key on your keyboard.

Spell, Ability, and Equipment Pages: Together They Make a Build!

By combining spell, ability, and equipment pages, you make a build page. In increasing the size limit of Spells, Abilities, and Equipment pages, we are also increasing the maximum number of build pages that can be created. With Update 1.76 – New Horizons, you'll now be able to create up to 15 unique builds for free to vary your play style while optimizing your characters in multiple areas – and up to 25 unique builds from the shop.

What About Pages Already Purchased?

All Abilities, Spells, and Equipment pages you previously acquired will remain active after the update. You just won't be able to exceed the limit of 25 pages total.

Gear up and set off for New Horizons, coming soon to WAKFU!