Think you know everything about the first few Ultimate Bosses of the WAKFU era? Wait till you see what they have in store for you in Update 1.76New Horizons! Take part in a new Ultimate Boss hunt for a chance to score prizes that'll make you the envy of other adventurers wherever you go!


From Tuesday, July 5 to Sunday, July 17 at 11:59 p.m. (server time), Excarnus, Magmog, Milkar, and Black Crow will eagerly and decisively welcome you into their respective hideouts for a fanfare of wallops punctuated by cries of pain and probably tears (your own). With the New Horizons update, the first four Ultimate Bosses of the World of Twelve got a little revamp of some of their rusty fighting techniques.

If your group manages to reach the top of the competitive rankings for one of these four ultimate bosses by Sunday, July 17 at 11:59 p.m. (server time), the challenge will be won!


  • The event will take place on the Pandora and Rubilax servers independently (there will therefore be a winning group on each server).
  • You can fight the ultimate bosses with a group of friends, members of your guild, or even with your Heroes.
  • To win, your group must be leading the competitive ranking at the end of the date announced (Sunday, July 17 at 11:59 p.m., server time).
  • The fights and rankings will be verified by our developers.


For each group in first place for the four ultimate boss rankings at the end of the event:

  • A Milimoowolf Set
  • Two mimisymbics
  • An update pack (containing a booster and themed cosmetic items)
  • An exclusive, original title
  • A PeeVeeEmm Costume (if the player already has one, they can choose a costume from the shop)
Get back in the fight with the WAKFU update New Horizons!