Don't choose between wisdom and madness, when you can have both! With the Qilby Pack, you'll assert your style and nobody will question it. Out of respect, maybe. Out of fear, definitely.

Is he a survivor or just plain deceitful?

One thing's for sure: Qilby is classy as can be! And you can get his outfit, a Shinonome pet skin (of course), and an emote inspired by his Wakfu arm…

The Qilby Pack contains:

  • A 30-day booster
  • A Shinonome pet skin (linked to the account)
  • A Qilby Costume
  • The Wakfu Arm emote

If you're like Qilby in that you'll do anything to get what you want – and believe that you can't make an omelette without breaking a few Dofus – bear in mind you won't have to betray anyone to get this pack.

Simply teleport to the shop and slip the Qilby Pack into your cart while no one's looking…

Enjoy the Qilby Pack, available for ogrines or real money, until the next update!

After that, it might disappear for a few centuries before returning…