After many years of faithful service, the .zip version of the client is saying goodbye, along with the identification fields on the login screen…

Login Screen Fields: Shift to Single Login in Launcher

The username and password fields on the login screen of your WAKFU game client are going away. This login step will only be available through the Ankama Launcher.

With the arrival of multi-account login and our desire to continue making your accounts more secure, we're removing the ability to log in via the game client.

Soon you'll encounter a warning on the login screen: it informs you that manual login via the game client will soon be eliminated in favor of an automatic login using the Ankama Launcher.

If you get logged out during a play session, you won't have to reenter your username and password in the WAKFU client; there will be a button for you to instantly return to the game.

Zip Version: No More Updates

Besides removing the manual login option, we're also ending support and updates for the .zip versions. Once that happens, you'll no longer be able to play WAKFU without using the Ankama Launcher.

Downloading the Ankama Launcher

The Ankama Launcher is the portal you can use to download all of Ankama's PC games, chat with your friends, buy in-game items, packs, and ogrines, as well as watch series and read the latest news about the Ankamaverse!

If you have any issues installing the launcher, contact Ankama Support by clicking here.