After being gone for 2 years, Japan Expo will return from July 14 to July 17. Can you guess who'll be there?

Having waited at least as long as you, it is with overt and unrestrained delight that we'll be seeing you at Paris Nord Villepinte to take on a new antagonist, make discoveries, meet staff members and authors, go shopping… In other words: Ankama will return to Japan Expo.

We know many of you are too far away to attend, but we'll make sure you can remotely experience the best moments of this event through announcements on our websites, our social media feeds, and our videos. Everybody will get a piece of the action!

And for those of you lucky enough to be joining us in person, here's some of what to expect:

  • During your stay, you'll get the chance to face a new big bad in our universe and in the DOFUS and WAKFU games: Cire Momore! This terrifying character won't just appear in our games. Whether or not you're following him, if he decides to stick close to you, he won't leave you alone…

But if you manage to defeat him at our stand, you'll be one of the first to receive a Cire Momore Armour shield in DOFUS and a Wax Croum Skin in WAKFU.

  • WAVEN will also be involved, with a tournament planned for each day of the event! More detailed information coming soon…
  • DOFUS, WAKFU, WAVEN… That covers everything, yeah? Think again – a fourth wheel will be offered at our stand. Intriguing, no?
  • Ankama isn't just games, it's also universes! To honor them, we decided to run a cosplay contest for all our licenses! So get your cosplay ready and hone your acting, because the contest will be livening up the whole weekend. Photos will be unveiled after the event for everyone in our community, which will make up the jury and select the best cosplay at this expo!

Of course, there will be gifts for the participants and voters, as well as prizes for the big winners! More details to come in a special news article about the contest.

  • It wouldn't be Japan Expo without signings! As in previous years, Ankama Editions will deliver! Among others, you'll see: Tony Valente, ZD, Jeronimo Cejudo, Cynthia Leman, Mig, Ancestral Z, and Sourya! A complete schedule with details is TBD…
  • What about the Ankama Shop? Well, you can't wander around the booths without your bag of freebies and sundry treats from Ankama, can you? Fab and Zen will be there to supply you with stuffed toys, manga, and other pleasures (guilty or otherwise).

Hey, maybe you'll even come away with a few early-access items…

  • Just a few paragraphs ago, we promised to let you experience the event remotely: this will be fulfilled by AnkamaLive, Ankama's Twitch channel. Various streams will be showcasing the fun all weekend long. More info to come, but just so you know, it'll happen here:

We hope to see many of you at Japan Expo to connect with us! To everyone else, we'll nevertheless see you through our content devoted to the event!