Amazing and astounding, no? But that's not all… In less than two weeks, the launch offer will… disappear!

Some people think that all you have to do is wave it around while mumbling fake Latin, but the world's greatest prestidigitators know that it takes years of intense, mind-bending study to master the subtle art of… the magic wand.

Well, guess what. They're wrong too.

All you really need to do is head to the shop, and alakazam! You too can be a master of hocus-pocus. Once you pick up the Hocus Packus, that is!

(We really have to spell everything out for you, don't we?)

"BUT WHAT THE HECKIN' HOCUS IS ACTUALLY IN THIS PACK?!", you scream for no particular reason. Calm down, we were just about to tell you:

  • Magician Costume (Zap! It's in the pack.)
  • "Summon a Guardian Spirit" emote (We bet you saw that one coming.)
  • Broom Run* (Obviously the best way to get around when you're pretending to do magic.)
"Summon a Guardian Spirit" emote
Broom Run
*This item will be linked.

You can treat yourself to these items individually, or as a pack.

They'll be in the shop permanently from now on, but the launch offer will only last for two weeks. So let these items cast their spell on you!