From Friday, June 3 to Friday, June 17, the trools will be making a ruckus – and they've invited you to a verbal joust of troolish punchlines! Join this delightfully irreverent contest to try and score prizes and leave your mark on the game!

"Well, Eliotrope? Have you come up with a background yet?" "Your Foggernaut looks like a chicken… Those puny calves!" "Look at you, Pandawa! Seeing your goddess's backside, it's obvious where you came from!" "You're so ugly, even Viktoria-Franka Enstein is scared of you!" "Your mama's so old, Xelor, she gave birth to a mummy!" The Trool Fair trools often like to use colorful language. They'll give you a hard time and – let's face it – you have it coming…

From Friday, June 3, through Friday, June 17, round up the best punchline spitters in your nation and take part in this verbal sparring match between the classes of the World of Twelve!

To enter the trool ring and give it a shot, you'll need to follow a number of rules:

  • Your entry must be posted in the official thread: click here.
  • You can only enter one punchline.
  • Your punchline must involve one of the classes of the World of Twelve.
    • You may reference an event related to your community.
  • Your punchline must not exceed 20 words.
  • Your punchline must comply with our Terms of Use.

The top punchline writers will get:

  • The opportunity to have theirs added* to the game
  • A 7-day Booster
  • A Fan Costume
  • An exclusive title: "Troolish Punchliner"

* Your punchline may be partly modified by our game design team.

The results will be reported in the comments of this announcement.
Let the verbs and the tears flow!
Those with delicate sensibilities need not apply.