For this new contest, we won't be asking you to use your imagination as usual… because this time, it's your pet's turn (whether in-game or real-life). When it comes to annoying behavior, we all know how creative our furry and feathered friends can be… But we also know that one way or another, the bill always comes due. And these pets have got a lot to answer for!

We've all experienced it: adoring them one minute, then hating them the next. They shed fur everywhere, scratch up your furniture, pee in your slippers (don't say we didn't warn you!), and cost you an untold fortune in biscuits and kibble. And yet you can't imagine life without them… from their early-morning purrs (can't they wait for the alarm?) to their enthusiastic, slobbery greetings when you get home at night.

For that alone, your pet deserves all the love you can give it. But it also deserves to pay a high price for its past offenses. And we guarantee there's at least one crime that absolutely tops their wall of shame. Just think for a minute… Yeah, that's the one! It's time for Kitty, Sweetums, Pup-Pups and all the rest to take responsibility for their mistakes!

From Friday, May 27 through Sunday, May 29 at 11:59 p.m. (Paris time), show the world a photo of your pet, along with a sign telling everyone about their most heinous misdeeds! For maximum exposure (because people NEED to know), post your photo on the forum, on Twitter (@WAKFU_EN / @WAKFU_FR / @WAKFU_ES / @WAKFU_PTBR), or on Facebook: Wakfu / Wakfu - Le jeu en ligne (FR) / WAKFU - Juego online & series TV / WAKFU em Português.

You can post up to three different photos in all – one on each platform.

By now, some of you have looked under the rug, behind the radiators, on top of the fridge and even in the dryer, but there's no denying the truth: you simply don't have a pet! But don't panic! You can still borrow an image mined from the depths of the Internet and make up a juicy story from scratch (so to speak)! You can even post a screenshot of your in-game pet!

Before serving up some much-deserved public humiliation to your adorable little pal, there are a few rules you'll need to respect (even though your pet doesn't care about rules):

  • Only one entry is allowed per account (all communities combined).
  • Our CMs reserve the right to disqualify any entry at their sole discretion.
  • Players can edit their entries until the end of the event. However, if any changes are made after that point, the entry will be automatically rejected.
  • There will be 3 winners per community, for a total of 12 winners in all.
  • Each of them will receive:
    • A 7-day Booster
    • The pet skin of their choice from the selection available in the shop
    • One serving of Super Growth Kibble

Depending on which social media platform(s) they posted their photos to, these winners will also get:

  • Forum: a Wodent Costume
  • Twitter: a J'Fav Costume
  • Facebook: a Like't Costume

The hour of your vengeance has finally arrived!