An adventurer with a spine of steel deserves an outfit and a mount skin to match. Luckily, the Metallic Retro Pack has exactly what you need. Hurry up and grab it while you can!

In the olden days, most sets were cast in raw, unrefined steel, which tended to make them terribly awkward to wear and slowed down the movements of the person inside. Even so, we have to admit that the robotic, vaguely futuristic look that they gave to their owners was still pretty cool.

What if we told you that you could wear one of those old-school outfits today while enjoying all the comfort and easy washability of today's modern fabrics?

Well, you'll find that very outfit in the Metallic Retro Pack, plus a Metallic Retro Dragoturkey Skin with a suitably steely-eyed stare!


The Metallic Retro Pack will be available in the shop for 3,500 ogrines and in real currency for a period of two weeks. During this time, the costume and the dragoturkey skin will also be available separately for 2,300 ogrines and 2,000 ogrines, respectively, and will then remain permanently available in the shop.