Looking back through history at our special offers on Boosters, each one has definitely earned its place in the Krosmoz Book of Records (which also lists any number of Iop exploits, and of course that one haircut of yours from back in middle school). But none can prepare you for our four new offers that will knock you right on your mullet!

From today through Sunday, May 1 at 11:59 PM (Paris time), head to the shop for an exciting new offer* on boosters!

Throughout this period, the 30-day Booster will be sold for €4** (or 3,166 ogrines) instead of the usual €6 (or 4,750 ogrines).

That's not all! The Anathar, Magmog and Justice Knight packs are also joining in with unbeatable prices of their own! They'll be available for €48 (or 37,600 ogrines) instead of €60 (or 47,000 ogrines) for the Anathar pack, €32 (or 22,400 ogrines) instead of €40 (or 28,000 ogrines) for the Magmog pack, and €24 (or 16,000 ogrines) instead of €30 (or 20,000 ogrines) for the Justice Knight pack.

You don't want to miss this offer!


*The offer is available only once per account. The discount is available only once on the purchase of a 30-day Booster and only once on the purchase of one of the three packs Anathar, Magmog or Justice Knight.
**The prices in real currency are mentioned according to the French prices. They may change depending on your location.