In honor of Fairy Lax Day, which commemorates… Huh? You… you don't know what Fairy Lax Day is? Sounds like a little reminder is in order! And once you're up to speed, you can fully enjoy the 25% bonus on profession XP for all of next week!

Throughout the ages, Twelvians have always been great fans of stuff that goes bang, pop, zip, shabam, pow, kablooie and/or whizz, and for a long time they never thought twice about the terrible working conditions that fairyworks had to suffer through. Until one day, one of them got sick and tired of having to explode all the time (and without the least bit of recognition from the people who made her do it), and decided to go on strike.

Since then, to support this protest movement launched by Fairy Lax, but also just because they like to goof off, Twelvians have decided to be as lazy as possible on the first day of Maysial. Of course, this has a major impact on the Twelvian economy, and even makes the gods a bit nervous. So to encourage those shiftless mortals not to waste the day, the Twelve offer their disciples all sorts of incentives every year!

From Friday, April 29 through Friday, May 6 (at 3:00 PM at the server's local time), whether you're a baker, a jeweler or a handyman (or any other profession for that matter), get a 25% bonus on profession XP all week long!

Event bonuses have changed! Want to know more? Check out this devblog article.