Boss Smashers are the monthly event you all know and love that gives you the chance to test yourself against the nastiest creatures in the World of Twelve. Why? For the challenge, of course! Okay, okay… maybe a little bit for the exclusive title to be earned, too. Let's meet the bosses you can battle in 2022!

Boss Smasher: What Is It Exactly?

There is no shortage of challenges in WAKFU. To satisfy the most demanding and audacious among you, we've given you the chance to cross swords with the game's most extraordinary creatures for several years now.

Every month, a Boss Smasher event gives you the chance to take on a unique and formidable dungeon boss. To successfully complete this feat, you must fight in competitive mode at minimum Stasis level 3 (Stasis level 21 before the dungeon revamp).

At the end of the challenge, an exclusive title linked to the defeated boss and a Boss Smasher token are awarded to the victors. The tokens can be exchanged for various cosmetic items by going to the Boss Smasher Machine located in the basement of the Astrub Inn.

To ensure you don't miss any of these events, you will be notified directly in the game as well as in the Achievements interface (L)!

Boss Smasher – Javian

January 2022: Having just recovered from the Clockwork Ball festivities, you were probably planning on starting the new year hanging out in your cocoon, all wrapped up and snug in a corner of your sofa… Well, you were out of luck! You had to dive down into the Astrub sewers to confront the Shin Larva, probably one of the stickiest creatures to ever exist!

Reward: The exclusive "Larva of War" title.

Boss Smasher – Flovor   


February 2022: As a counterpoint to the sappy sentimental atmosphere of Saint Ballotwine's Day, we proposed a little trip to Morfor's lair in the Astrub Cemetery. Once there, you found out that the creature had not only buried all hope of finding love one day, but also the remains of several thousand creatures and adventurers who had dared to tickle its horns…

Reward: The exclusive "Skeleton" title.

Boss Smasher – Martalo 

March 2022 is the month that rocked the foundations of the Mineral Tower! You faced the necromancer Agony, that half-organic, half-revenant creature who hit rock bottom after her son Raval betrayed her…  

Reward: The exclusive "Tormented Necromancer" title.

Boss Smasher – Aperirel 

April 1-30, 2022: Only born survivors and those up for a real challenge will dare take on this legendary creature. When he thinks it's time for elimination, he's quick to snuff out his enemies, and then it's time for them to go… What about you? Will you be the sole survivor?

Reward: The exclusive "Kokokobana the Legend" title.

Where to go: The Kokokobana Dungeon in the Terrana Dune area in Sufokia.

Boss Smasher – Maysial  


May 1-31, 2022: If this creature's romantic partners never seem to hang around, look no further than her reputation. Stings, bites… and worse! Be warned: Getting caught in her web is not for the faint-hearted… And there's no point trying to spin on your heel, once she's sunk her fangs in, she won't let go!

Reward: The exclusive "Arachnee Expert" title.

Where to go: The Arachnee Dungeon in the Web-Entangled Hill area on the island of the Sadida Kingdom.

Boss Smasher – Junssidor   

June 1-30, 2022: Tired of being robbed of seats on public transport, this old granny definitely has a bone to pick. Those who get in her way don't tend to make old bones… To avenge them, why don't you experiment with some granny bashing?

Reward: The exclusive "Shabby Champion" title.

Where to go: The Miseryeum dungeon on the island of Forfut. 

Boss Smasher – Jullier

July 1-31, 2022: This creature may well be a boar, but fighting her is never a bore! Despite her appearance, she is no hog on ice. In fact, her intentions are enough to make your blood run cold! But don't worry, there's no need to get cold feet before facing her...

Reward: The exclusive "Poker Face" title.

Where to go: The Horned Glacier dungeon in the Chillberg Ice Floe area on Chillberg Island.  

Boss Smasher – Frauguctor   

August 1-31, 2022: The lovely weather may make you want to rest on your laurels… But don't do it! Rather than vegetate, we recommend branching out and seeking out this creature who has gone to ground on the slopes of Mount Zinit.

Reward: The exclusive "Storyteller" title.

Where to go: The Whirlway Station dungeon in the Lower Slope - Drhellers area of Mount Zinit.

Boss Smasher – Septangel

September 1-30, 2022: When you come face to face with this month's creature, he won't drill you with questions, but he might dig your grave!

Reward: The exclusive "Drhell Sergeant" title.

Where to go: The Dirty Trouffe Estate dungeon in the Lower Slope - Drhellers area on Mount Zinit.

Boss Smasher – Octolliard

October 1-31, 2022: Prepare to face an enemy who's always bottle-ready. Maybe you heard through the grapevine that she has popped her cork. Her worship of the Shushu Drainacask certainly seems to back that up.

Reward: The exclusive "Master of Rituals" title.

Where to go: The Villainy Vineyards dungeon in the Monk Island area.

Boss Smasher – Novamaire

November 1-30, 2022: This impressive replica of the goddess Sacrieur is willing to sacrifice everything. Especially you!

Reward: The exclusive "Indomitable" title.

Where to go: The Kali's Lair dungeon in the Upper Slope of the Zinit – Kali's Henchmen area.

Boss Smasher – Descendre   

December 1-31, 2022: What could be more fun that a walk on the beach singing that golden oldie, "When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, it's an island…"? And if you happen to meet a reptile, don't say, "See ya later, alligator." Just stay a while and defeat the crocodyl!

Reward: The exclusive "Falls and Drowns" title.

Where to go: The Crocodyl Dungeon in the southern part of Moon Beach.

The Boss Smasher safari has officially started!
Time for you to get your hands on each and every title you feel entitled to!