Move toward your opponent like the Great Reaper, and with any luck, they'll faint before the fight even starts! Available in the shop for real money or 2,700 OG until April 2 (11:59 p.m. Paris time).

If your fighting style could be described with the phrase "Sting like a bee, run like a crow," it definitely wouldn't bode well for your level.

But when people see the Black Crow Wings Run, they know that whoever moves around like that isn't just a fighter… They're a wild creature!

You too can scare away your enemies before casting a single spell: Treat yourself to the Black Crow Wings Run! It can be purchased from the shop for real money or 2,700 OG until April 2; then it will be permanently available for 3,000 OG.

(Go wild and spread your wings!)



Of course, if you're pretty familiar with the WAKFU series, you'll recognize the wings belonging to a prominent character in the first season: the Black Crow.

And if you aren't familiar with the WAKFU series… what are you waiting for?!
Go watch it in the Ankama Launcher!