Let us share an extraordinary adventure… that spawned an animated series and a video game – a game that belongs to you! This game has grown alongside you over the years. Evolving with you for 10 years now. How about we celebrate with a little video?

The whole truth. Nothing but the truth. Or just about…

That's what the video below will show you.

Some of you may know "ANKAMA: 20th Anniversary Legend".

This is something else entirely.

Actually, it is kind of related… As we're continuing the story of that kid with a dream. He had more than one dream, if you can believe it. Pretty weird, no? Oh, it isn't?


How about you watch the video?

A lot has happened since February 29, 2012…

You saw a new World of Twelve being rebuilt a few years after Ogrest's Chaos. You helped us decide how to develop the game and its universe. You've explored Haven Worlds, Bilbiza, Divine Dimensions, and Forfut; seen the arrival of Masqueraiders, Foggernauts, Ouginaks, Eliotropes, and Huppermages; and battled Ultimate Bosses, Archmonsters, and even Ogrest himself!

Thank you for standing by our side all these years. You are definitely part of the WAKFU legend!

There will be more events in the game, but until then, thank you for your commitment and your loyalty. As you know, none of this would be possible without you!

Thank you for the last 10 years! Our story won't end any time soon!

(Heart shape with hands)

(Oh yeah… And: "To be continued…")