A whole decade is worth celebrating! There's no better feeling than when you give a loved one a gift, seeing their face light up and getting their happiness in exchange… You think we're laying it on thick? Just wait till you see the 3 gifts we're offering – then you won't get so cute with us…

Ten years ago, we planted the seed of an adventure that was just waiting to bloom. We patiently and faithfully watered it with all our love and creativity. We added the most crucial fertilizer to make it blossom: our passion. Since then, hundreds, if not thousands, of budding adventurers have sprouted up all across the World of Twelve. Friendships have formed, and while some Twelvians have branched out in different ways, their stories have been equally rooted in a strong desire for adventure.

Today we want to celebrate this latest milestone in the history of WAKFU with you. And so, we're giving you not one, but 3 gifts! There's just one thing: You get to choose them! Specifically, you can receive one item out of a selection of 20 items taken from old god packs, and this applies to each gift.

Ready? Hurry and choose your first gift from the following items:

  • Universal Equilibrium Costume
  • Night of Times Costume
  • Jarring Strategist Costume
  • Aegis Costume
  • One-Thousand-Face Costume
  • Bloodshed Costume
  • Flamboyant Golden Dragon Costume
  • Headless Knight Costume
  • Eternal Thirst Costume
  • Great Conjurer Costume
  • King of the Forest Costume
  • Great Sneak Costume
  • A-String Costume
  • Feisty Kitty Costume
  • Tracker Costume
  • Divine Practitioner Costume
  • Demonic Lord Costume
  • Father Spirit Costume
  • Eye of the Abysses Costume
  • Shushued Costume

Not enough for you? Alright, then – pick another:
  • Remington Finisher
  • Goddess Feca Finisher
  • Masqueraider Haven Bag Kit
  • Goddess Sacrier Finisher
  • Foggernaut Haven Bag Kit
  • Ouginak Haven Bag Kit
  • Voracious Shushu Haven Bag Kit
  • God Enutrof Finisher
  • God Sadida Finisher
  • God Iop Finisher
  • Goddess Pandawa Finisher
  • God Osamodas Finisher
  • Rushu Finisher
  • God-King Finisher
  • God Xelor Finisher
  • God Sram Finisher
  • Goddess Cra Finisher
  • God Ecaflip Finisher
  • Goddess Eniripsa Finisher
  • Krosmic Balance Finisher

Tough choice, eh? You've got one more to make:
  • Dragoone Pet Skin
  • Tinystro Pet Skin
  • Ghast Pet Skin
  • Friendrake Pet Skin
  • Gobgob Pet Skin
  • Snoofle Pet Skin
  • Prespiver Pet Skin
  • Golden Surimi Pet Skin
  • Aboon Pet Skin
  • Minor Shushu Pet Skin
  • Dauge Pet Skin
  • Crobak Pet Skin
  • Cocodrile Pet Skin
  • Pandawa Cub Pet Skin
  • Ratchams Pet Skin
  • Golden Croum Pet Skin
  • Clawbot Pet Skin

Act fast! You can collect your gifts between Monday, February 28 and Thursday, March 31.


Reap the fruits of 10 years of labor (and joy) with us!