Although popcorn is not always available at the movies at the moment, one thing's for sure, if you get this new emote, it will always be available in WAKFU.

Whether you want to munch on it in-game while watching your friends squabble about which fight tactics to use for the next dungeon or in real life while watching episodes of Ankama series available in Ankama Launcher*, you can now stuff your face with popcorn whenever you want.

That being said, you still need to get the Eat Popcorn emote in-game (just like you need popcorn kernels in real life, it's essentially the bare minimum). Then it's just up to you whether you join #teamsweet or #teamsalty!

This attitude can be purchased from the shop for real currency or for 1,800 OG for two weeks. After that, it will become permanently available for 2,000 OG.


* Depending on your location, you can find exclusive Ankama content in the Video tab of the launcher: just what you need to dive into or back into the world of the animated series WAKFU.