Flovor gives pride of place to the heartbreakers of Saint Ballotwine's day. To counteract this cloying atmosphere, the Boss Smasher taking place from February 1 to 28 will make you break out in a cold sweat. Buried away in Astrub Cemetery, Morfor is already excitedly dreaming of you in a state of Putrefaction. You see? Things are already a bit less happy and flowery!

Before charging into this dark dungeon, you should know that all monsters here have the "Living-Dead" passive, which inflicts damage on it bearer through healing. Put another way, if you or your fellow adventurers are affected by this state, whenever you get healed, you will lose health points instead of receiving them. Yep! Welcome to the Raised Vault!

You won't run into just a bone or two in this place… but thousands of them! Don't believe it? Well, skeleton rats, skeletal gobballs, and even skeleton guards will block your way to this dark lair's big boss.

From Tuesday, February 1, to Monday, February 28, head to the Raised Vault in the depths of Astrub Cemetery – when the creatures there hear your pounding heart, you'll need to fight hard if you don't want to join its residents. Avoid Putrefaction and the dismal Living-Dead state, and maybe you'll reach this lowly place's master: Morfor, the corrupter of putrescence!

If you emerge victorious from this vile crypt, you'll earn special tokens to use at the Astrub Inn machine. You can then choose a reward and a title related to the dungeon you just completed.

Keep in mind that to participate in this Boss Smasher, your level must be matched to the dungeon (or just turn on competitive mode) and set to Stasis 21.

From February 1 to 28, head to the dreaded Morfor's dungeon.

Warning: He wants to cut his teeth right now…