The 1-year booster recently joined the big family of packs. You quickly took a liking to it, which is why it's back for the start of this year, boosted more than ever (mwahahaha!) and wonderfully dressed in a Ceremonial Costume!

Remember, a few months ago, we launched the 1-year booster, just to test it. It was a resounding success. The sound of players having fun and fairyworks exploding can still be heard throughout the World of Twelve. Many wept with joy. The Twelve even considered giving us a place in the pantheon of Ingloriom, not to mention… Well, alright… ALRIGHT! Maybe we're overdoing it a bit. But you've got to admit, it was a pretty nice idea, wasn't it?

Due to the excitement over this new booster format, we decided to make it available again and juice it up with a splendid and sparkling Ceremonial Costume to be worn for small, medium, and big occasions alike. 

€60 or 47,000 ogrines: That's the price of this booster's 365 days of pure fun. It's available in the store now until Saturday, February 12 (at 11:59 p.m. Paris time).


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