After the Emerald Dofus pendant, inspired by the dragon Aerafal's egg, a new piece of lovely and elegant jewelry has made its debut in the online Ankama Shop. Carrying a strong symbol – that of the almost indescribable love that unites Amalia and Yugo – the WAKFU Idyll: Yugo & Amalia pendant will delight tender hearts and souls. 

The indestructible bond between Amalia and Yugo has taken on jewelry form with a spiral that seems to be trying to seal their love forever…

Perfect to give or to get!


WAKFU Idyll: Yugo & Amalia Pendant



Your quest for Dofus in the form of jewelry continues: 5 new pendants, some of which available in boxes, have joined the crystal Emerald Dofus. Perfect to give, to get… or to get given!

Ebony and Ivory Dofus Pendant Gift Box

The love between two star-crossed beings is encapsulated in lovely jewels, united in a jewelry box.



Turquoise and Crimson Dofus Pendant Gift Box

Dragon Pig and Minotoror were their guardians, why not you?


Ochre Dofus Pendant Gift Box

Inspired by the Terrakourial's Ochre Dofus, this pendant confers great powers. Making you the center of attention, for example…