When you're a shadow of your former self and tired of being afraid of your own shadow, without a shadow of a doubt you need to embrace the shadows. Find your inner sneak with the Prowler Costume and slink into the shadows!

Once night falls, certain adventurers start to act quite strangely… They move about silently, jumping from roof to roof while whispering some really cool "hop! hop!" noises. They sneak about in narrow alleyways, their faces hidden except for one eye peeking out to look even cooler. They hug their bodies to walls, do combat rolls between open spaces to avoid being seen, and slip into homes whenever they see an open window… To tell you the truth, we have no idea what they're doing, but it looks super cool, right? No? Well, we think it does, a little bit at least… 

Either way, adventurers who are into the shady stuff at night can now don a costume as mysterious as they are: the Prowler Costume! It can be purchased from the shop for real currency or for 2,300 OG for two weeks. After that it will become permanently available for 2,500 OG.