Tremble, pitiful mortals! Your final hour is at hand. The one that'll lead you to the farthest reaches of Shustuft Crust, the scorched land of demons!

On December 7, check out Update 1.74 and its 5 demonic zones:

  • The Kingdom of Despair, a little corner of terror ruled over by Vaal-Enthia and the Phytomorphs.
  • The Void Spiral, controlled by Ar’Nan and the Voidivions.
  • The Citadel of Horror, the Horridemons' territory.
  • Dementya, the labyrinthine lair.
  • The Route of the Dead, rest stop for the Destroyers.

Rushu, emperor of the demons, is also preparing to grace you with his malevolent presence in January.

This update will also feature a new max level, allowing you to level up to 230.

So, if you're not frozen in fear, see you on the other side of the portal!



An enthusiastic yet reckless scientist opens a portal to the demon dimension known as Shustuft Crust. While his tone of voice betrays his fascination, we'll discover the horror awaiting any adventurer who dares step foot in that cursed place.

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Beginning Tuesday, December 7, the demon dimension known as Shustuft Crust will open its doors.

Will you be brave enough to step through the portal?