Ten years… Well, it's safe to say we're not getting any younger! Some folks will tell you that things were better before, or that they'd rather be teenagers again. But one thing's for sure: WAKFU fashions have definitely changed a lot over the years.

Tailors and seamstresses of the World of Twelve, this is no time to go looking for your needles in a haystack (or to try and grasp the hidden subtleties of this throwaway joke)!* Right now, your help is urgently needed to give the community a fashion makeover!

Let's face it, there's no use trying to dress up the truth in fancy excuses: One look is enough to see that today's Twelvians have no respect at all for the Fashion Militia! That's why we're calling on all our fans with a passion for fashion and the creations of Koko Sha'Nil… because you know what it takes to stand out from the crowd!

To celebrate WAKFU's tenth anniversary, coming your way in February 2022, you can submit your idea for a costume to be given away for free to all those fashion rejects… Uh, that is: to all those adventurers who aren't cut from quite the same cloth as you!

*Seriously, though, don't waste your time.

About this contest

  • You'll be asked to imagine and create the WAKFU 10-year anniversary costume that will be given away in late February or early March 2022.
  • You have until Friday, November 12, 2021 at 11:59 PM (Paris time) to share your creation with us.
  • We'll choose our favorite entries from across all of our communities, and players will vote for their three favorite costumes of those we've selected.
  • By entering this contest, you agree to transfer your copyright for the costume design to us.



1st place:

  • Your costume, come to life in-game!
  • a 90-day Booster
  • Chancellor's Costume
  • Darth Wodent Costume (new!)
  • Wakfu Wing Run
  • Stasis Wing Run
  • Knit emote
  • Pop-Pop Dance emote
  • "Couturier to the Twelve" title

2nd place:

  • a 60-day Booster
  • Chancellor's Costume
  • Darth Wodent Costume (new!)
  • Wakfu Wing Run
  • Knit emote
  • "Couturier to the Twelve" title

3rd place:

  • a 30-day Booster
  • Darth Wodent Costume (new!)
  • Knit emote
  • "Couturier to the Twelve" title
Chancellor's Costume
Darth Wodent Costume (new!)


  • Your entry must fit the contest theme: 10 years of WAKFU.
  • To enter, you must reuse the models provided. If you are unable to reuse them, try to match the male and female templates as closely as possible (by tracing them, making a sketch of the models, etc.).
  • You must draw both female and male versions.
  • You can only present a single design. However, you can propose several different color options.
    • Your costume can adapt to your character's colors, provided that you indicate which areas will change color.
  • Post your entry in the dedicated discussion thread (click here!) before 11:59 PM on Friday, November 12. Messages modified after the end of the contest (November 12 at 11:59 PM, Paris time) will not be considered.
  • And of course: you must comply with our Terms of Use.
Female model (left) and male model (right)

Important notes

  • By entering this contest, you agree to transfer your copyright for the costume design to us.
  • Depending on the feasibility of implementing your costume in-game, we reserve the right to make changes to comply with the game's current technical limitations and artistic direction.
    • Things that can't be designed and integrated into the game: gloves, dresses (except for short skirts like the one in the True Love Costume), long coats, high-collared capes, non-standard hats and shoes (size, shape).
    • Clothing on arms and legs, as well as boots, must be symmetrical.
  • The winning design will be used as an inspiration and starting point for the work of the team that integrates it into the game. As a result, there may be significant differences in the final result.

How do I post an image?


Your image must be available at a location that is permanently connected to the Internet. To do this, you must host it at one of the following:

If you're using a hosting site:
You will first need to identify the image you want to host (using a function like "Upload image" or "Browse") in order to obtain its address, also known as a "URL" or "link".
Then select the option to "Copy URL directly" or "Copy image URL".

If you're using a dedicated server:
Simply import the image to server, either by using the upload options or by dragging the image to the window for the server.
Once the image has been imported, right-click on it to copy the link.

Post your image

The forum has a Rich Text Editor to make this process easier. The editor is easy to use: each icon corresponds to a different type of formatting.
The one you'll want to use right now is the icon that looks like a photo of a landscape.

After clicking on the "Image properties" icon, you'll need to copy and paste the URL of your hosted image here.

Once you've pasted the link, confirm by clicking "OK" to see the image in the preview.

When you've finished your entry, post it and your image will be visible in the forum.

Note: To be sure you're using the right link, double-check that the name of the image format appears in the file extension at the end of the link.

Example: https://liendemonimage.png

Dress your model to the nines! If your model is dressed to any higher number, consult an Eniripsa.

Full contest rules are available here.