20 years ago, the first lines of Ankama's story were being timidly written. Yes, 20 years already. It's enough to make anyone feel old, isn't it? To celebrate this red letter day of the Krosmic calendar, Ankama is releasing its 20th Anniversary Pack, which comes in a numbered* collector's box with a certificate of authenticity! But be warned: This is a limited series of only 1,000!

To celebrate turning 20, Ankama is treating you with a special anniversary pack that's nothing short of a concentrate of all its universes: the 20th Anniversary Pack!

What's inside the lovely little box?

20th Anniversary Collector's Box

A numbered collector's box in 20th anniversary colors, containing precious treasures…

Joris Collector's Figurine

He's never looked so tall! This numbered* collector's figurine of Joris (made of resin) is 13 cm tall, in a dynamic and particularly expressive posture, holding the Ivory DOFUS!


20th Anniversary Collector's Pin

For this special anniversary pack, we just couldn't say no to our unwavering passion for pins! This numbered* silver-colored pin is in the likeness of Joris, our mascot as we turn 20.


DOFUS Underwear

                This is undoubtedly the centerpiece of this pack. The DOFUS underwear, made of 100% cotton, meets the needs of adventurers looking for softness. Both comfortable and embracing, it ensures safety and freedom of movement all day long, even in the most dangerous situations.


Joris's Journey Map

This map offers you another vision of the World of Twelve, with comments by Joris (and sometimes Grampy). If you're unsure it's for real, just remember he's traveled far and wide!

Kama Magnet

The ability to kamas has never been so within your reach…


Krosmic Dance Emote

This is where it all began… Take a (giant) leap into the past and lose yourself to the dance of the Great Dragon and the Great Goddess, back when the Krosmoz was created. Early access!


Julith Costume

Step into the Butcher of Brakmar's shoes… Early access!



* The numbering of the box is identical to that of the figurine, but different from that of the pin.