Ever since that oracle gave you a prediction more bleak than a holey sock, you only want one thing: to teach every prophetic priestess on the planet a lesson. Sure, if it makes you feel better. Just remember that any self-respecting witch hunter needs the right costume for the job!

Do black magic, the occult, and seances scare you to death? Do you get chills whenever you see a Twelvian in rags with long black nails and a crooked, warty nose? Do concoctions made with eye of crobak and tail of ratou make you nauseous?

The verdict is in: you are perfectly normal. Nevertheless, there's a chance you harbor a profound aversion to witches. In which case, the recommended treatment is simple: hunt one every morning, noon, and night for 10 days (in between meals, of course) and the feeling should subside.

The Witch Hunter Costume can be purchased with real currency, or for just 2,300 OG, for two weeks (until November 11, 11:59 p.m. Paris time). After that, it'll be permanently available for sale in the shop, but for 2,500 OG.