'Ello, Al Howin? It's Pumpkin. Don't lose yer gourd, but to celebrate you, I've dug up some terrific offers! A pack with a boo-st, a thrilling Mystery Box, a killer costume, as well as a badass pet skin! They're available in the WAKFU store from October 21 to November 10!

For the most frightful time of the year (we're talking about Al Howin, not the start of the school year), enjoy several special offers! Featuring:

The Fricadavera Pack, which contains:

  • A Fricadavera Costume (value: 2,500 OG)
  • A Fen Ecalavera skin (value: 3,000 OG)
  • A 30-day Booster (value: 4,750 OG)
  • 3 experience potions (value: 1,500 OG)
  • 3 loot potions (value: 1,500 OG)

This pack, initially valued at 13,250 OG (€20.49), will be on sale for 9,700 OG or €14.99!
But wait, there's more – for every Fricadavera Pack you buy, you'll get 6 Thrill Mystery Boxes for free, and their contents will make you shiver with antici…pation. Here's proof:

  • Common items:
    • Jacko Costume
    • Mummification Emote
    • Shushued Dragoturkey Mount Skin
    • Shushued Dragosteed Mount Skin
    • Anoobis Mount Skin
    • Dia de los Muertos Costume
  • Uncommon items:
    • Kitsune Costume
    • Ravishing Costume
    • Al Howin Dragosteed Skin
    • Los Muertos Dragosteed Skin
  • Rare items:
    • Zombie Run
    • Al Howin Costume
    • Scary Gift Emote
  • Epic items:
    • Daw Costume
    • Ratabble Pet
  • Jackpot: all the epic items!

This Mystery Box will cost: €1.99 (1,800 OG) individually; €9.99 (9,000 OG) for 6; €19.99 (18,000 OG) for 13; €39.99 (36,000 OG) for 28; and €79.99 (72,000 OG) for 60.

Also, the Fricadavera Costume and the Fen Ecalavera Skin will be available permanently, costing 2,500 OG and 3,000 OG (respectively).