A golden opportunity is coming… The opportunity to venture into one of the most ancient divine dimensions: Enurado. And because every moment in this world is precious (time is money, after all!), you can start going for gold before you take on the former key master Cledus 'Onist!

The next Boss Smasher takes you to the lavishly luxurious divine dimension known as Enurado, one of the countless places where the Miser keeps his precious treasures hidden…

Gold abounds, the ground is covered in kamas, and you need only scratch a slightly crumbling wall to never have to worry about money again. But you're not going to. For the simple reason that doing so would invariably incur the wrath of the god Enutrof himself, and also because with Cledus 'Onist in the area, the door could definitely hit you on your way out!

Nevertheless, if you think you can shrug off the blows of this key-keeper who's gone completely nuts since the Dimensional Voyagers came around, go for it… In which case, between Friday, October 1 and Sunday, October 31 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), you'll head to the Enurado Dungeon located in Ingloriom (no big deal!).

Win the fight and you'll come away with a special title, along with special tokens that will entitle you to a reward! These tokens can be used in the machine in Astrub Inn.

Keep in mind that to participate in this Boss Smasher, your level must be matched to the dungeon and set to Stasis 21.

Good luck!