Three of the four contests we've launched to celebrate Ankama's 20th anniversary have just concluded. A lot of you took the time to participate, and it's safe to say that choosing the winners was no walk in the park! (For any Iops reading this, that means it wasn't easy.) Without further ado, let's see who our proud winners are!

You put body and soul into this quartet of contests organized as part of Ankama's 20th anniversary celebrations. So we won't keep you in suspense any longer: it's time to reveal the names of the grand prize winners for 3 of the 4 contests!

Facebook Contest – Tag & Comment

For this contest, we asked you to share one of your favorite in-game memories with us. But not just any memory! We wanted moments you experienced with someone else, whether a friend or someone even more special… The duo whose story [(moved/touched) us most deeply // most thrilled us / most surprised us / made us laugh the most] was made up of Iona Marshall and Meredith Adam, who each win:

  • a 90-day Booster,
  • a Like't costume,
  • an Ally Baba costume,
  • an exclusive  title,
  • a Draw a Heart emote,
  • a Thumbs Up emote,
  • a Flying Carpet mount skin (to visit a whole new world together),
  • an Ankamacloak,
  • and a Mimisymbic.

Hats off to them!

Twitter Contest – Draw Me…

Your imagination is overflowing like a dam during Ogrest's Chaos! Now, to be completely honest with you, we already knew that… But this time… WOW! You literally bowled us right over! When we asked you to draw your version of the events of Ogrest's story, we certainly weren't expecting to receive such a flood of amazing ideas, each more incredible than the last, in such a short period of time! And something tells us that there are still more surprises to come! Because for those who haven't yet worked up the courage to share their interpretation of Ogrest's Chaos, don't worry – it's not too late yet! The contest will end on Monday, September 27, and the winner will receive:

  • a 90-day Booster,
  • a J'Fav costume,
  • a Reading Rodent costume,
  • a Little Ogrest Haven Bag kit,
  • a Little Ogrest stuffed toy (in the game),
  • an exclusive title,
  • a Climb Mount Zinit emote,
  • an Ogrest finisher,
  • an Ankamacloak,
  • and a Mimisymbic.

May the best artist win!

Website Contest – Krosmoz Quiz

Some of you out there have got a real head for trivia! It's not hard to tell who was paying attention in their Krosmic history classes! akrameow#2376, kmozobal#1021, Theowarpriest#2547, R34MS#2125 and REINEKE-FOX#6141 certainly were, and their names were drawn randomly after getting a perfect score on our quiz, earning them the following prizes:

  • a 30-day Booster,
  • a Fan costume,
  • a Heroic finisher,
  • an exclusive title,
  • a Gladiator Salute emote,
  • an Ankamacloak,
  • and a Mimisymbic.

A big round of applause for our brilliant history buffs!

Forum Contest – Photo Memory

The World of Twelve is a land of many emotions. Places that some of you barely noticed may be the source of countless precious memories for others. Many of you opened your hearts to us and revealed your favorite moments… And once again, picking just three winners would have been incredibly hard! Fortunately, the random drawing spared us that emotional turmoil, and in the end, Regine111#3279, iNTiMiD4T0R#9728 and yingjing#8012 were selected to receive:

  • a 60-day Booster,
  • a Wodent costume,
  • an Explorer costume,
  • an exclusive title,
  • an Explorer run,
  • a Search for Tracks emote,
  • an Ankamacloak,
  • and a Mimisymbic.

Nicely done!

Whether you were a winner or not, all of you submitted fantastic entries, and each of you marked this important turning point in Ankama's history in your own unique way. Congratulations to each and every one of you!

Good news: the party is still far from over! We'll continue to celebrate Ankama's 20th anniversary throughout the year! So keep your eyes open…