After a somewhat mixed summer, it was only natural for us to make up for it and give you some in-game sunshine you can actually tan with. So we got the bright idea of the Solar Pack, available now from your WAKFU shop!

Île de l'Ascension DOFUS Touch

From now through Wednesday, October 13, the Solar Pack will be available from your shop for real currency or for 5,800 ogrines.

You'll truly radiate in its Solar Costume, and you can finally perfect your Gobball-wool tan with its Sun emote! To top it off, the Helianth skin will give a very special aura to the star that shines for your both day and night – your pet, of course!

Starting from Thursday, October 14, the Solar Pack's three items will be available individually – 2,500 ogrines each for the costume and the emote, and 3,000 ogrines for the pet skin.