Update 1.72 let you realize your full brawling potential. We're keeping it going with a new update on Tuesday, September the 21st,  that'll have some fight in it, too! Read on to find out what's in store.


Update 1.72 presented the Dimensional Rifts mechanic, which lets you face endless waves of monsters. Did you enjoy it? Want more, do you? The good news is that Update 1.73 is following in its footsteps to bring you two new rifts – Osamosa and Amakna!

What also awaits you:  

  • improvements to the existing rifts, with new artifacts added;
  • balancing of the Eliotrope and Sacrier classes mostly, as well as other classes to a lesser extent;
  • and improved Battlefields, with greater, more strategic confrontations between nations!

Of course, there will be other new features, but you'll just have to discover them next Tuesday!