This week marks the start of a very special moment in Ankama's history: we're celebrating our 20th anniversary. We say "the start" because from now until the end of the year, we'll be setting up events to talk with you about our shared passion, remember our favorite moments together in our various worlds, and hand out a few gifts as well!

20 years of creating extraordinary worlds, 20 years of transmedia projects, 20 years of connections with artists who have taken our wildest ideas and put them into words, sounds and images.

20 years of sharing this adventure with YOU!

Some of you have been with us since day one. Thanks to all those dreamers who believed in us right from the start, and who made it possible for us to bring this crazy adventure to life. After countless thousands of pixels, lines of code, and jokes, plenty of love, long hours of work followed by long hours of play (which turned into months, which turned into years), you're still right here with your friends, families and loved ones.

Many of you have joined us along the way, a few years back or just a few months ago – maybe even during the unique period we've all been experiencing for the last year and a half.

Whether you've been with us for a week, three months, or fifteen or even twenty years: Thank you for everything!


This anniversary belongs to all of us!

To make it easy to spot all the great stuff that's coming your way, we've created a new logo that will appear with all events related to our anniversary. What do you think? Pretty cool, right?

We'll be taking the time to look back at our most wonderful memories and marvel at how far we've come… and we'll also turn our eyes to the future. Ankama is 20 years old and feeling great. Our foundations are solid, we've made it through our share of storms, and we're more eager than ever to keep growing with you.


Over the next few years, Ankama Launcher will take on a central role in our story, solidifying our identity as a Transmedia Art and Creation company. We'll use it to tell all the legendary tales we dream of sharing with you, and to bring all of our worlds and all of our communities to life. Our video games, graphic novels and webtoons, our animation projects, digital and physical merchandise, board games, community content, streams and documentaries… Everything that Ankama has to offer will be available in the launcher.

We'll continue to develop our various worlds: all the ones you know, love and take part in, but also many new projects at different stages of development. Some are so new that you haven't heard about them yet, while others, like WAKFU Season 4, are currently being written. Still others are gradually being revealed to their audiences, like WAVEN. And some are quivering with anticipation to burst forth into the world, like Princess Dragon. We've got so many more adventures to share with you!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves – for now, let's just savor this moment.
Stay tuned, because Ankama's 20th anniversary events are on their way – and of course, they'll include their fair share of gifts as well!