We are implementing a new identification system that will use an email address instead of an account name for new accounts created on or after August, the 24th.

After 16 years of existence, there are millions of account names (the identifier that you use to log in to your account) in DOFUS.

Each account name must be unique, and this system has a number of problems:

It's becoming increasingly difficult for a new player, or a player recreating an account, to find an account name they'll be able to remember.

Players often confuse their nickname (used in the forums) and their account name, which creates a security issue.

In 2021, it's increasingly rare for modern platforms or services to ask you to use a unique identifier. The trend nowadays is to use an email address instead.

By no longer asking for an account name when creating a new account on or after August, the 24th, we will also be able to maintain consistency for your logins to your Ankama account, and to anticipate the needs of new services that we may offer in the future.

In concrete terms, this does not change how you will log into your existing accounts. This change will only affect accounts created on or after August, the 24th.

Players who created their account(s) before this date will continue to log in with their "Account Name" (not their email address).

Note that changing the email address linked to an Ankama account will also change the login ID to keep things consistent.

We're aware that for players who want to recreate a team with multiple accounts, this will be a bit more complicated. That's why we'll be allowing the use of aliases. In essence, these are different email addresses that all point to the same email inbox.