Lots of you took part in the musical event of the summer, organized by two members of the community. Now it's time for our juries to reveal the results of their deliberations!

This year's theme was completely open (as long as all entries were related to the Krosmoz), and that really opened the creative floodgates! Believe us when we tell you that choosing the best of the best was no easy task… So before naming our winners, we want to heartily congratulate all of you. It was a real pleasure to listen to your creations!

But let's not keep you in suspense any longer: Here are the entries that we enjoyed the most!


"Original Composition" category:


"Cover" category:


In addition to these rankings, our jury also selected their Top Picks for each community:


Congratulations to all of you! You can see the prizes you just won in this news article.

And if you want to listen to all the entries (again), we encourage you to check out the YouTube playlist we've created for the occasion!

But wait, there's more!

Our jury and the whole WAKFU team were so blown away by your performances that we've decided to add a few extra rewards:

  • All first-place winners will receive a house in the nation of their choice.
  • All first-place winners will have their names associated with items or equipment in the next content expansion.
  • First- to third-place finishers will receive an appropriate title.

For those who have won several categories, you can claim your rewards on multiple accounts, as long as they are certified under the same name. Let us know your Ankama nickname and tag in a reply to this news.