What you achieve in the arenas rings out as far as Ingloriom. Make your gods proud: Unleash the Shustuft Crust with the Gladiator Pack!

On the battlefield, hitting the hardest won't make you the best. But wearing the Gladiator Costume WILL make you the best-dressed, that's for sure! So what are you waiting for? Get the Gladiator Pack now, which contains:

  • the Gladiator Costume,
  • and the Gladiator Salute emote.

The crowd cheers your name… Glory calls! Proximus sigma est maternum ergo sum! That doesn't mean a thing, but we think it adds a nice touch.

This pack can be purchased with real currency, or for just 3,250 OG, for two weeks (until Wednesday, August 18 at 11:59 PM Paris time). After that, the costume and the emote will be permanently available for sale in the shop, but for 2,500 OG and 2,000 OG for the emote.