As we announced in an earlier post, to celebrate the launch of Super Nano Blaster on the Ankama Launcher, we're organizing a leaderboard competition that will let the best of you get rewards for DOFUS and WAKFU!

We'll reward the top three scores in each leaderboard – HOWEVER, to reward as many players as possible, each participant will only be allowed to enter once. The list of winners will therefore refresh, and a total of 24 winners will each receive:

  • a 1-month subscription to DOFUS,
  • a 1-month booster for WAKFU,
  • a Proto-Noxine in DOFUS,
  • and an Araknomecha in WAKFU.

If there's a tie in the top three, we'll simply reward more players than initially planned.

IMPORTANT: For this competition, the current leaderboards will be reset at 00:01 a.m. (Paris time) on Wednesday, June 30, and they will not be reset at the end of the competition.

We will consider entries from June 30 through July 15. Any scores entered in the leaderboard after the end date will not be considered (tough luck, right?).

The list of winners will be shared a few days after the entry period ends, right on the Super Nano Blaster page on the Ankama Launcher.

A little tip: The leaderboards are shared across all difficulty levels, and harder modes logically earn you more points!

Good luck, everyone!