Your Haven Bag is a sorry sight… When was the last time you gave it some attention? Freshened it up a tad? It really doesn't take much to make yours look new again, especially when there's two bedrooms available in the shop at a reduced price!

To restyle your Haven Bag, you can recolor the curtains or match your pillows to your blanket. And if you want to really renovate the place, why not repaint the walls and the door, add a plant here and a lamp there, or maybe a picture of your favorite bard? It's a great way to clear your head!

But the best tip we can offer is this: From July 15 through July 29 11:59 PM (Paris time), the Sacrier bedroom and the Xelor bedroom will be on sale for 700 OG apiece!

It's THE best deal we have going! After the sale ends, both bedrooms will be in the shop permanently, but then they'll cost 800 OG. It'd be a shame if you missed out…

  • The Sacrier bedroom contains: a Sacrier Plant, Sacrier Candle, Sacrier Bed, Sacrier Dresser, Sacrier Wardrobe, Sacrier Table, Sacrier Desk, Sacrier Barrier, Sacrier Screen, and Sacrier Panel.
  • The Xelor bedroom contains: a Xelor Plant, Xelor Lamp, Xelor Bed, Xelor Dresser, Xelor Wardrobe, Xelor Table, Xelor Workshop, Xelor Bandages, Xelor Screen, and Xelor Desk.



(And have fun doing it!)