We've previously stated that we want to revamp the Osamodas class in 2021. However, we won't be able to complete the project this year.


The Osamodas summoning system is unique in the game, as it's based on capturing monsters; this gives the class a strong identity but is also the cause of many balancing issues that we'd like to correct.

We're currently deciding between two major directions for an Osamodas class revamp:

  1. An enhanced version of the current system: increase the number of creatures that can be captured, add more slots for creatures, balance summons, have summons advance with their summoner, etc.
  2. A new summoning system: creatures are summoned from a fixed list shared by all Osamodas (for example, tofus, gobballs, and so on)

Both approaches seem workable to us, but they are still time-consuming to implement. Over the next few months, we'll devote our resources to the expansion coming out later in the year for Update 1.74.

As for Update 1.73, it will feature balancing changes to several class spells but will not include a class revamp.

We'd like to get your opinions on these two proposals through our survey on classes: click here.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide, and have fun playing WAKFU!