They've taken every form under the sun: runs, costumes, and even mount skins. And since you partly or completely missed out, we're giving you another chance to get fired up without moving heaven and earth. Through Wednesday, June 9, jump in the water and clear the air by checking out our new elemental packs!

As you know, a sharp look is part of an adventurer's greatness.

Be fire and air, over land and sea! Be the hero you never intended to be!

We know elemental packs are some of your favorites, so now we're offering the best of these items.

It'll be a tough choice between:

  • The Aerial Pack, featuring the Aerial Tofu Skin,* Aerial Costume, Air emote, and Aerial Run*
  • The Aquatic Pack, featuring the Aquatic Tofu Skin,* Aquatic Costume, Water emote, and Aquatic Run*
  • The Blazing Pack, featuring the Incandescent Tofu Skin,* Blazing Costume, Fire emote, and Blazing Run*
  • The Terrestrial Pack, featuring the Rocky Tofu Skin,* Terrestrial Costume, Earth emote, and Terrestrial Run*

* Items are account-linked.

These 4 elemental packs are available for real currency (or 8,000 OG), and then individually permanently.