Your little striped bow meow Scribbles may be a loyal and devoted companion, but he just hasn't got the charisma of a Furnace pet (not to mention that ridiculous nickname). There's no shame in admitting it, but there's no need to ship him off to live with grandma either: just pick up one of the new elemental pet skins instead!

Can't stand the sight of your pet's fuzzy muzzle anymore? Sick and tired of picking up the hairs they shed everywhere? Still, you know you can't live without them. That's the thing about these little monsters… we always end up getting attached to them!

Good news: elemental pet skins are about to save your owner/pet relationship!

Designed on the same principle as mount skins, and in line with the elemental items we've released over the past few months, these consumables let you change your pet's appearance without affecting their characteristics!

Choose from these 4 all-new elemental pet skins:

  • Gust Skin
  • Stone Block Skin
  • Downpour Skin
  • Furnace Skin

Available individually or in packs, for real currency or for just 2,700 OG, from now through Wednesday, April 28!

The 4 elemental pet skins will then be available all the time, only in Ogrines, for 3,000 OG.

And because good news always comes in pairs, we're pleased to announce that pet skins will now be sold for just 3,000 OG instead of the initial price of 3,250 OG. Players who have already bought them will have 250 OG credited back to their account for each pet skin they bought.