Starting Wednesday, March 31, a new European directive (PSD2) will take effect for all payments made using a debit or credit card and issued within the EEA (European Economic Area).

This new measure is intended to make transactions a bit more secure so as to better protect consumers. Its implementation may have consequences for all online vendors.

In order to assess the impact on transactions carried out in the in-game WAKFU shop and the changes required to properly implement this directive, we have to remove some or even all prices in real currency from the in-game shop. For the time being, we're unable to say when it will be possible to make transactions using real money again.

The in-game shop will of course continue to offer all of its cosmetic items and services for Ogrines. You will also still have the option to add Ogrines to your account or buy items using real money in the web store.

For more information about payments via bank card, please read the Support FAQ on this subject.