Chocolate Kwak eggs are about to start pouring from the skies over the World of Twelve. So it's the perfect time for certain 100% chocolate items to make their big comeback too! Designed around items and packs brought back from the past, the Fleaster Pack is a delicious way to indulge yourself!

Fleaster isn't only about stomachaches, regret, costumes covered with chocolate stains, and nauseated burps (sorry if you're eating right now). No. You can still have fun on Fleaster without feeling guilty or hunched over in pain! The proof is in our Fleaster Pack, filled with tasty treats from the past. See for yourself:

  • Fleaster Costume
  • Wa Wabbit Finisher
  • Egg Throw Emote
  • Pawtypoopew Pet Skin
  • Fleaster Haven Bag Kit
  • Haven Bag Decorations: Fleaster Stool, Fleaster Lamp, Fleaster Egg Basket, Fleaster Customization Table, and Chocolate Fountain.

You're sure to melt for this pack!

This pack is available in the WAKFU shop through Wednesday, April 7, for real currency or 6,500 OG.