Saint Potrick is back, and so are certain items! A worthy addition to the family of items and packs back from the past, the Vintage Vantage Pack contains everything you need to celebrate the goddess Pandawa's day in style!

Saint Potrick's day is often the occasion to see old friends that we haven't seen since auld lang bliblyne. And that includes items! To celebrate this event that is so dear to the hearts of our friends, the World of Twelve's party crowd, a few items decided to come back from the past. That's how they ended up in the Vintage Vantage Pack:

  • The Tyrolean Costume,
  • The Barrel Run (linked to account),
  • the Barrel Transformation Emote,
  • the "Cheers!" Emote, and
  • the Saint Potrick Haven Bag kit.

Available in the WAKFU shop through Wednesday, March 24, for real currency or 4,500 OG.