Don't listen to haters who say that curiosity is a nasty flaw! No curiosity means no discoveries! Are you the curious type, always poking your nose into something, ears open, and always on the lookout? If so, the Explorer Pack is made for you!

There are a thousand and one ways to explore the world. Diving into the deepest abysses of Sufokia is one way. Sticking your pinky finger into a Moogrr's nostril is another. (Yes, yes, someone did that once. But why???) However, you define "explore", there's a good chance that you're one of the ones that the world of Twelve intrigues so much that you're willing to risk your life (or your reputation) to uncover its deepest secrets.

Obviously, that means that the brand-new Explorer Pack is perfect for you!

This pack contains:

  • a 30-Day God Booster,
  • an Explorer Dragoturkey Skin (linked to the account),
  • an Explorer Costume, and
  • an Explorer Run (linked to the account).

This pack is now on sale in your WAKFU shop for real currency or for 9,000 ogrines.