The Krosmoz is the harmonious alliance between Wakfu and Stasis, two radically opposing but inextricably linked energies. Creation is nothing without destruction and vice-versa. You probably saw the Wakfu Wing Run fly by recently. How about letting yourself be tempted by its slightly darker peer, the Stasis Wing Run?

Like the Great Dragon – the very same dragon who gave birth to the Krosmoz through his union with the Great Goddess Eliatrope – you're ready to spread your wings. Wings made of Stasis to prove your formidable character to anyone who might dare doubt you!

Available in the shop for two week starting today, on sale for real currency (or 2,700 OG), and then permanently for 3,000 OG, the Stasis Wing Run* will make you feel all-powerful! Plus, it will show off your lovely complexion since everyone knows that fuchsia suits everyone.



* The Stasis Wing Run is linked to the account.