A new chapter begins… To celebrate the new year, WAKFU has put all the little boxes into a big one: everybody gets a Rubik's Cube Mystery Box for free! Come pick up yours from the online shop while you can!

To wish every adventurer in the World of Twelve a happy Clockwork Ball and congratulate them on all their acts of bravery in the year 2020, WAKFU is giving away (yet another) gift!

It's the boxiest Mystery Box there is. That's because the Rubik's Cube Mystery Box contains several other boxes!

To get one for yourself, simply visit the shop on the official WAKFU website and click the button to get it, located below the item in question. It'll be instantly unlocked at no cost!




  • The free gift was valid until January 3, 11:59 PM (Paris time). To be eligible, your account must be at least 15 days old.
  • If you have successfully claimed the gift, you can redeem it at the Gift Code site.