Today through November 26, when you buy a Booster 7 day, you'll get 7 days for free*. If you do the math, it's worth it! That adds up to 14 days of playtime (for the clueless Iops out there). Don't miss out!

Have you noticed that lots of things come in twos? Starting with shoulders, of course. They've never been as important as they are now. After all, standing shoulder to shoulder (within households!) is a surefire way to combat loneliness.

What if the missing variable in the equation for happiness is actually a multiplier of two? (We probably lost you there.)

Now through November 26, buy a Booster 7 days and get 7 extra days for free*!

Now you've got 14 days of combat and adventure ahead of you. Have fun!




* Limited to 1 purchase per player - until November 26, 2020