The new Shhhudoku Kingdom is open to beta testers from today. Muster your thirst for discovery and attention to detail in order to give us your precious feedback.

Be one of the first adventurers to explore the Whisperers' new island by taking part in the beta for Update 1.70!

Discover the ruins of a giant Crackler arisen from the waves and root out treasure and unexpected creatures. Four monster families await you: Whisperers, Plantiguards, Scramshells, and Pingwins.


In order to access the beta server from the Ankama Launcher, simply select the "beta" version in the drop-down menu above the WAKFU logo in the WAKFU game tab. This will allow you to install the beta client.

Please note: The beta server is not permanently available. It is only available when the WAKFU team needs to conduct testing. When a beta version becomes available, a message is published on the official website. It is generally accompanied by update notes (a "changelog").

As always, we're eager for your feedback here:

Have fun playing WAKFU!