Here it is! The Master Fight interserver PvP tournament – 4th edition is about to begin!

Registration is about to close, so the tournament can finally begin! For those who are late to the party, you can find out all about the tournament by reading our last announcement.

As a reminder, the tournament is open to all communities and will take place on the Beta server that's been opened especially for the occasion!

Opening Livestream

There will be a livestream at 8:00 PM (Paris time) on October 11 for the tournament's group draws. It will take place on the channel belonging to the player behind this tournament: Ticano

Being part of it couldn't be simpler! Just visit the channel:

Tournament Dates

Once the livestream has ended, the matches can finally begin! Here are the key dates:

  • Group stages: Monday, October 12, through Saturday, October 17
  • Final stages: Saturday, October 17, through Sunday, October 18

Just so you won't miss any of it, you can follow the various streamers who'll each be streaming the tournament on their own channel:

Now you know all about it, it's time to play your part!

Whether you'll be watching the matches or facing off against the other teams, head to Twitch this Sunday, October 11, and the Beta server from Monday, October 12 for the start of the Master Fight Tournament!

Don't forget to join the tournament's Discord server to get all the latest news, right here.

Have fun in WAKFU, everyone :)