Ever since she left Externam, Agony has been stuck between a rock (like the ones covering her body) and a hard place (like the Mineral Tower). You could pity her fate and feel sorry for her… Or ditch the sympathy and get the Mineral Explosion emote! No judgment either way – we sure won't be casting the first stone.

Every adventurer reacts in their own way when they come across a crystal. An Enutrof will quickly slip it into their pocket when no one is looking. Sadidas will try to discover its hidden virtues. Ecaflips will roll it around on their paw pads for hours of fun. As for Iops, there's a good chance they'll just throw it on the ground, expecting it to bounce back… And believe it or not, that idea's not as stupid as it sounds!

The proof is right here, in the Mineral Explosion emote. When thrown on the ground, this mineral rock first breaks into a thousand pieces (no surprise there), then reassembles itself (oh, now this is getting interesting!) and flies right back into the thrower's hand (what did we tell you?).

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Want to try it for yourself?

The Mineral Explosion is available from today through Wednesday, October 21!