The new update is your chance to take a tour of the Tower… Agony's Tower, that is! It seems that the necromancer has made a few improvements since her (not entirely pleasant) awakening in her new physical form… And she's dying to give you the grand tour! Pick up the Mineral Pack and get rolling!

Agony, mother of Raval, the protector of Septangel, and a necromancer in her spare time (of which she's had plenty recently…), wanders the upper floors of her Mineral Tower, brooding. Still not entirely used to being a Veriun Dead since her dramatic exit from Externam, her mood has been more than a little rocky these days…

If you're going to face her and discover the changes she's made to her home, you'd better be well-equipped. Lucky for you, the Mineral Pack is available now!

It contains:

  • A 30-Day God Booster,
  • A Mineral Costume,
  • An Agony Finisher,
  • And a Mineral Run.