The next Boss Smasher you'll be meeting is pretty long in the tooth. And he tends to be more interested in carrots than in sticks. But don't be fooled by his back bent with age and his impressively fancy headgear: the Gwand Viziew Wabbit has every intention of scooping you up like a field mouse and bopping you on the head!

From Tuesday, September 1st through Wednesday, September 30, head to the Wabbit Dungeon deep in the Mowbid Wawwens of Wabbit Island. Before taking the plunge, we strongly suggest a visit to your family Eniripsa to make sure your vaccines are up to date. It's easier than you'd think to catch a nasty case of myxomawosis…

If you emerge victorious from this dungeon, you'll earn a special title and a reward token.

Keep in mind that to participate in this Boss Smasher, your level must be matched to the dungeon and set to Stasis 21.

The Gwand Viziew awaits… Awe you weady?